In recognition of the paramount significance of the early years in shaping a child's cognitive and emotional development, we have meticulously crafted a preschool curriculum that prioritizes and fosters optimal brain growth and maturation. Our curriculum is not merely a collection of activities; rather, it is a carefully orchestrated framework designed to stimulate various facets of a child's burgeoning intellect and emotional intelligence.

The school will carry out its educational philosophy through group interaction, development of self-identity and self-worth, large and small muscle development, skills in perception and identification, skills in problem-solving, learning experiences in the academic areas including the Early Learning Content Standards and awareness of being loved and being able to love others.

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At the heart of our approach lies the profound understanding that positive, meaningful interaction between educators and preschoolers is pivotal in nurturing a foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. Our teachers, therefore, devote considerable time and attention to actively engage with our young learners, employing strategies that emphasize attentive listening and open dialogue. Through these deliberate interactions, children are provided with invaluable opportunities to cultivate essential skills, including emotional regulation, linguistic proficiency, and social adeptness, all of which are indispensable for navigating the complexities of the world around them.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that a nurturing and supportive environment is fundamental in fostering positive self-esteem and confidence in young learners. By fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and validation, we empower our students to embrace challenges, explore their capabilities, and cultivate a sense of resilience in the face of adversity.

Moreover, we recognize that the preschool years serve as a critical juncture in a child's educational journey, laying the groundwork for future academic success. With this in mind, our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to not only stimulate intellectual curiosity and cognitive growth but also to equip our students with the requisite skills and knowledge to excel in subsequent educational endeavors. As such, our program is meticulously aligned with the standards and benchmarks set forth for kindergarten readiness, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to meet and exceed expectations in mandatory evaluation testing.

In essence, our preschool curriculum embodies a holistic approach to early childhood education—one that transcends mere academics to encompass the nurturing of the whole child. Through a combination of intentional curriculum design, meaningful teacher-student interactions, and a supportive learning environment, we are committed to fostering the intellectual, emotional, and social development of our young learners, laying the foundation for a lifetime of success and fulfillment.


Director: Jessica Brant

[email protected]


Visits and Tour are available upon request.


Students must be 3 years of age by August 1st and must be potty-trained by the start of the school year. There is a $50 registration fee. This fee is neither refundable nor applicable toward tuition.  One month’s tuition is due at registration and will be applied to your May (end of year) tuition.

Registration Information:

Registration for the next school year will begin the first Sunday of February for Epworth UMC members and current Epworth ELC families. Registration will be open to the public on the first Sunday of March. Our school year start date will be the Tuesday following Labor Day and conclude the Friday before Memorial Day. We have a google form you can fill out now that will put you on a list for us to be able to email when registration begins for the new school year. When registration is complete and processed we will email you with the forms and information you need to enroll in the program. Please expect an email back from us with a Brightwheel account. This is our child care management software and how we keep in touch with current and prospective families.

Family Handbook

You may also fill out the contact form below to learn more about the program or to schedule a visit. Children need to be potty trained. 

Registration Form Preschool Brochure
Enrollment Process
This is a sample process and may vary per child, family or school year

Step 1. Communicate a current year start date (if space available) or a next year start date. 

Step 2. Fill out registration form (link in section above)

Step 3. Set up a tour with our Calendly link (button) below. Tours for classrooms are best between 10 – 11 am or 1-2pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Step 4. Complete Enrollment paperwork (document sent in Brightwheel). Follow the link we send to your email. Complete your profile, add each of your children attending. Fill out all paperwork on each child’s profile. Email us letting us know you finished. 

Calendly Link

Morning       * M- T-W-Th                9 – 11:30

                             M-W-F                        9 – 11:30

                             T-Th                              9 – 11:30

Afternoon      * M- T-W-Th           12:30 – 3

                              M-W-F                     12:30 – 3

                              T-Th                            12:30 – 3

*4-day session is only available for children of age to attend kindergarten in the fall of the following year. *


2-day sessions                        $160 per month.

3-day sessions                        $240 per month

4-day sessions                        $320 per month

A late fee of $25 will be applied if tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month


8am – 9am, 11:30- 12:30pm and/or 3-4 pm

Children should bring a packed lunch for the 11:30-12:30 pm option.

Extended Time Optional Add-ons: Monthly Rate

Before School                                After School       
(1 hour before class)             (1 hour after class)

2 days - $64                          2 days - $64                                      

3 days- $96                           3 days- $96                                       

 4 days- $128                         4 days- $128                                    

           Both Before and After school

     (1 hour before and 1 hour after class)

                        2 days- $128

                        3 days- $192

                        4 days- $256

Registration fee: The registration fee is nonrefundable.

Extended day program available, spaces are limited. 


Epworth ELC believes that helping children learn self-control is important. Our hope is that each child will learn self-discipline through careful guidance.

Expectations are set according to the age and ability of each individual child. Teachers will provide reasonable rules, determine logical consequences for breaking the rules, and be willing to give more responsibility to the children as they are ready to assume it. The children are made aware of these expectations. Positive reinforcement and positive redirection will be used.

The guidance and management of Epworth ELC will be in accordance with section 5101:2-12-22 of the Licensing Rules for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.  The rule applies to all employees on staff at Epworth ELC and all children who attend 


At the culmination of each academic semester, comprehensive written assessments detailing your child's scholastic performance and developmental milestones are dispatched to your residence. These assessments encapsulate a thorough overview of your child's educational journey, encompassing their academic achievements, cognitive growth, and social-emotional development.

Furthermore, we facilitate parent-teacher conferences in early March, providing a dedicated platform for constructive discourse regarding your child's progress. These conferences serve as an invaluable opportunity for collaborative engagement between educators and parents, fostering a unified approach towards optimizing your child's educational experience.

Through the combined efforts of educators and guardians, we endeavor to cultivate an environment conducive to holistic development, ensuring that each child receives the necessary support and guidance to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

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