The history of Epworth United Methodist Church dates back to 1894, when Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church was established.

May 24, 1894.  Epworth M.E. Church was officially established, with 163 charter members.  It was to serve the growing population in the northwestern part of the city (now the Old West End).

December 30, 1894.  The first building, a frame building located on Scottwood Ave., was dedicated.

September 1908.  As the congregation grew, funds were raised to build a new, larger building.  Located at the southeastern corner of Parkwood Ave. and Delaware Ave., the building originally contained only an auditorium, Sunday School rooms, a kitchen and dining room.

January 1, 1922.  A major addition almost doubling the size, including a sanctuary and other facilities, was dedicated.

1939.  Became Epworth Methodist Church as the denomination changed its name.

September 7, 1958.  An arson fire severely damaged the church building, but not a single service was missed.  After two Sundays in other locations, services were held at DeVeaux School on Sylvania Ave. for the next three years.  The old property was sold to what was then Mary Manse College, which was adjacent, and remodeled into its library.

October 15, 1961.  The dedication service of the new building at Valleyview Drive and Central Ave. was held.  The final mortgage was burned May 28, 1978, and the building was consecrated.

1968.  Became Epworth United Methodist Church as the denomination changed its name with the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

May 24, 1994.  Epworth celebrated its Centennial.

1994.  A major addition was completed, including the Family Life Center, new offices and classrooms.

2003.  The chancel area of the sanctuary was significantly remodeled and other improvements were made to the space.

In our history, spanning over 100 years, we have been served by over twenty pastors:

John Donnan 1894
Albert E. Smith 1894-1895
Fletcher L. Wharton 1895-1898
Elmer G. McGammon 1898-1902
Merrick E. Ketcham 1902-1904
William B. Armington 1904-1909
John H. Bickford 1909-1910
John B. Ascham 1910-1916
Stephan K. Mahon 1916-1930
J. Ira Jones 1931-1936
Robert O. McClure 1936-1938
Sylvester M. Ingmire 1938-1940
Russell J. Humbert 1940-1944
Sidney A. Mayer 1944-1952
Charles M. Coulter 1952-1956
Wheaton P. Webb 1956-1964
Paul D. Tropf 1964-1978
Charles A. Shook 1978-1986
Brooks W. Heck 1979-1983
William G. Patterson 1986-1991
Barry W. DeShetler 1991-2001
Robert H. Ball 2001-2006
Robert L. Thomas 2006-2014
Douglas A. Damron 2014-2020
Stephen L. Swisher 2020-2023
Barry W. DeShetler 2023
   Cecil J. Thompson       2024-


Epworth has also been blessed by those serving by appointment as Associate Pastors or by appointment or contract in other pastoral positions.

Leonard Williams 1964-1965
George M. Myers, Jr. 1966-
Robert Nida 1967-1971
Roger Loper 1971-1976
Marvin Mulford 1976-1979
Denise Baker 1982-1984
Waller B. Wiser 1983-1988
Anita Wood 1986-1989
David W. David 1988-1996
Teckla Meister 1996-1998
Ken D. Streitenberger 1996-2009
Bryan Bucher 1997-1999
Amy M. Wertz 1999-2003
Julian Davies 2003-2006
George Campbell 2004-2006
Keith Luke 2009-2016
Carol Williams-Young 2010-2013
David Pettengill 2015-2017, 2018-2021
Marilynn Schroeder 2010-2018
Beth Irwin 2015-2021
Jennifer Bailey 2019-2020