School starts for Hawkins STEMM Academy students on August 18.  After a challenging year of predominantly virtual and hybrid learning, we are excited that students and staff will be back in the building and our in-person programs and activities can resume. More than ever, we need your experience and enthusiasm to work with students, Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our ongoing programs need volunteers, and there will be opportunities to create new programs, under the STEMM format. All volunteers will receive training on the STEMM learning philosophy and methods of instruction.  

Currently, we need volunteers for:

Tutoring: Reading, especially grades K-3, and Math, all grades

Library assistants: assist students in locating books and read to younger students

Book Initiative: help distribute “reader bags” weekly (grades 1 and 2), lead book club discussions with small groups of 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students

Garden Club: meet weekly with students after school to discuss gardening and nutrition           

Participating in one-time or ongoing projects such as Staff Recognition, Teacher Supply Pantry, Field Day, 8th Grade Recognition              

If you are interested in participating in any of these opportunities or have ideas for new activities, please complete our volunteer application. You can also pick up a printed copy of this form from the Hawkins mailbox at Epworth. Return your completed application to the Hawkins mailbox or email it to [email protected] 

What we do

The Epworth-Hawkins STEMM Academy Partnership has been active since 2015, with approximately 50 volunteers annually. Epworth is a partner in the Community STEMM Connection, a partnership of Metroparks Toledo, Hawkins STEMM Academy, Reynolds Corners Rotary Club, and TPS Aerospace and Natural Science Academy.  Activities of the Epworth-Hawkins Partnership receive financial support from the Epworth Missions Action Team.

In the 2020-21 school year, the leadership of the Epworth-Hawkins Partnership remained in close contact with the staff at Hawkins STEMM Academy as students engaged in virtual and hybrid learning during the Covid pandemic. Although we were unable to offer many of our in-school programs in 2020-21, our volunteers were able to support and assist Hawkins students, staff, and families in several ways.

  • Epworth volunteers  stepped up to help out in the Teacher School Supply Pantry at Grace Church in October, November, February, March, and April. The pantry serves teachers at Hawkins STEMM Academy, four other elementary schools and Rogers High School.  Because the storage area is not large, volunteers filled orders inside the pantry from a list submitted by the teachers beforehand. The bagged orders were then taken outside to the teachers waiting in their cars to pick-up. 
  • Epworth volunteers were asked by the Hawkins Student Support Team to assist in reaching out to families of all Hawkins students. Using a script and questions developed by the support team, 17 volunteers called over 200 families in October and November to ask about any difficulties they experienced with online learning. These concerns were relayed to the Student Support Team, which identified appropriate school and community resources and responded to families in need of assistance. 14 volunteers made a second round of phone calls to all families in January and February.
  • Monthly staff appreciation days resumed in September. Staff have been working at the school building since the start of the 2020-21 school year. Once a month, Epworth volunteers deliver purchased, individually wrapped snacks and notes of appreciation to the Hawkins office. 
  • Epworth volunteers are part of the Community STEMM Connection, organized in November 2020. Members of this collaboration represent Metroparks Toledo, Hawkins STEMM Academy, Epworth, and TPS Aerospace and Natural Science Academy. The Community STEMM Connection is a collaborative effort to foster learning that will promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and inquiry-based learning for the students of Hawkins STEMM Academy.
  • Our volunteers packed and distributed "goody bags"  to family and friends attending the Hawkins STEMM Academy 8th Grade Recognition, held in the Toledo Botanical Garden parking lot. Two cars of guests per 8th grader were invited, and each car received  a bag of treats to enjoy during the ceremony.
  • A few tutors, at the request of teachers, engaged in virtual and in-person tutoring in April and May.
  • Kindergarten Book Day, when each kindergartener receives a hardcover book from the Epworth Partnership, took place in May.
  • Epworth volunteers assisted with Kindergarten Open House activities in late April.

Annual Reports

More information about Epworth volunteers' involvement at Hawkins can be found in our 2019-20 Annual Report and in our report of activities for calendar year 2020. Click here to view the 2019-20 report and here to view the calendar year report.

Volunteer Opportunities

Epworth volunteers have been involved in many activities at Hawkins. As our programs grow, we are always looking for more volunteers.

  • Tutoring – Our tutoring focuses are Kindergarten through 5th grade reading,  and 6th-8th grade math.  All tutoring is arranged in response to teacher requests. 
  • Library - For three years, volunteers assisted every week in the Hawkins library. After the library was converted to a Catalyst Lab, volunteers staff the library center that replaced the library.
  • Book Initiatives: With the goal of putting books in the hands and homes of Hawkins students, three programs were started in 2018: 1) Kindergarten Book Day -- all kindergarteners receive a new hardcover book from the Epworth Partnership  2) in 2018, selected 3rd grade students participated in a book discussion group; in February 2019, 4th grade book discussion groups were added, and 5th grade book groups  were added in 2020; 3) 1st and 2nd grade students can borrow "reader bags" with 2 books, every week.
  • Garden Club – The Garden Club is supported by a partnership among Toledo GROWs, OSU Lucas County Extension Office, the Toledo Public Schools Natural Science Technology Center, and Epworth.   Epworth volunteers assist at monthly meetings during the school year and meet weekly with students at the school garden during the summer months. 
  • Arts and music: volunteers assist with art and music programs and the church provides financial support for these programs.
  • Parent Engagement:  Volunteers for events to support parent involvement.
  • Staff Recognition -- The goal of staff appreciation is to make all the staff feel appreciated and loved and put a smile on their face. On the first Tuesday of each month a treat and a sign telling of our appreciation is placed in the workroom at the school.
  • Clothing closet - Epworth provides clothing to  the school nurse at Hawkins to be loaned to students in emergency situations.       
  • School Supply Pantry -  Epworth contributes to the school supply pantry located at Grace Church (3700 Dorr Street) that serves teachers from Hawkins and three other elementary schools, as well as Rogers High School. Epworth volunteers also help staff the supply pantry. 
  •  Hawkins Hut – Epworth members donate items to be distributed in the Hawkins Hut, which provides awards for the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program.
  • Special events -  Volunteers  assist with special events during the school year. 

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