S.W.A.T. Meeting Times:

Sunday Morning Donuts & The Bible

Year Round  |  9:45am
SWAT (grades 6-12) meet in Deep End

All youth are welcome to meet up, Feb. 5th thru 12th we will be talking about identity. 

Sunday Night SWAT

September - May | Deep End
 SWAT (grades 6-12) meet 6-7:15pm
Join us for fun in the Deep End! 

Fellowship Opportunities | Sept - Aug

Throughout the year we will have fun opportunities for teens to connect with one another.  These events vary from  game nights, rocket tag, concerts, cedar point, Christmas parties, mission projects and many other opportunities.

Service Opportunities| Sept-Aug

Throughout the year teens will have opportunities to serve within the church and outside our walls. Teens can serve on one of Epworth’s teams to care for those who come through our doors, and times to serve locally, domestically, and internationally.