Epworth has meant many different things to us throughout the years.  In the beginning we visited several different churches looking for a place with meaningful worship.  We both had a rich history of growing up in the church. We realized that we wanted and needed more than just attending Sunday worship and leaving. Soon after we began attending Epworth, we noticed an offering of a Disciple Bible Study so we decided to join mainly to meet people. Not only did we meet new friends but the study enriched our lives greatly through daily Bible study, weekly discussions and praying for each other. About six months after joining, we found ourselves needing our new family even more. At the age of 48, Wes suffered a trauma induced stoke while playing basketball in the Epworth Family Life Center (aka gym).  Our new church family covered us in prayer, took care of our family needs while we took care of Wes, and the Pastoral staff kept in constant contact with us. God and his prevenient grace knew we were going to need a church family before we knew it and God provided. The care given to our family during this time also showed us that “care for others” was one of the core foundational principles of Epworth.

Through the years we have participated in many areas of the church a few of them being; helping at Vacation Bible School, with local missions, with church dinners, at the church bazaar, teaching Sunday school classes, going on Mission trips, working to make the Epworth grounds beautiful. We’ve learned through the years that participating in the life of the church not only helps us to meet all ages of our Epworth church family but it moves us closer to Christ through His children.

We love our Epworth family and can’t imagine being anywhere else!

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