I grew up in Methodist and Presbyterian churches and remained involved until my late twenties when I married a man who was an agnostic. I continued to try to live by my religious beliefs, but we entered churches only for weddings and funerals. After his death, I realized how much I had missed church and felt called back. I took the time to explore several churches in our area and ended up at Epworth.

I was originally drawn to a United Methodist church because its approach to Jesus Christ was joyful and loving, and I believed in its’ commitment to social justice. However, there are many things that have kept me at Epworth. First, I quickly realized that my religious beliefs had not matured and that I needed to be part of an active congregation and take part in Bible study and group discussion to develop an adult faith. I have also enjoyed the friendliness of the many very nice and interesting people at Epworth, who are always there for each other. Finally, I really treasure being part of a congregation that is outward instead of inward focused, and makes a real difference in the community by helping others. To me, the measure of an effective church is one that helps you to strengthen your religious understanding and then gives opportunity to make that belief part of daily living.

During my time at Epworth, I have had the opportunity to serve on many committees and be part of several service opportunities. The participation I have valued most, is that which helps to strengthen the relationships within the church family. My favorite committee is the nominations committee because I think it is crucial to help people find their most satisfying way to be involved in the life of their church. I have been a Stephen minister because I think we all need a listening ear when we are going through a rough patch and our training helps us to let Jesus work through us to be there for others. Probably my favorite job is being an usher because I love letting people know they are welcome here.

Epworth continues to be a good church home for me. It challenges me to live my beliefs in the company of people I know and respect.

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