I have been an Epworth member all my life, literally! My great grandparents were among the founding members of the “old” Epworth in downtown Toledo. My grandparents were instrumental in helping transition to our current location after the fire at the original church. My parents baby pictures were posted side by side on the “Baby Roll” in the nursery. They were youth advisors in later years as well as serving on numerous committees. I am proud to be a fourth-generation Epworthian! I participated in bell choir, choir and United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF or YF) as an adult I served as a communion steward and youth advisor as well as a member of several committees. Volunteering and serving others is very important to me and something I instilled in my children, Abby, Austin and Alexa Wasylkowski. 

My children were active at church in bell choir, choir and the youth group (SWAT). They traveled with the group on mission trips in the United States and internationally. Alexa and I traveled with the youth group to Haiti in June 2015.  She was thrilled to go on this trip! Who knew it would be her last mission trip.  She collapsed after working in the hot sun when we were tasked with creating a concrete floor in a woman's home. We rushed her to a "medical facility" where she did not regain consciousness. When I accepted this, God said "I've got her" and I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. Alexa died doing what she loved, serving as the hands and feet of Christ.

When the Furniture Ministry started in 2008 I was thrilled especially after warehouse space became available in Perrysburg, our back yard! My children and I began serving as monthly volunteers. Alexa was the youngest volunteer at the age of 10. Not long after we were joined by my current husband Brian and his daughter Andrea. The older 3 children have moved on in their lives but Alexa continued to volunteer nearly every month. My task as volunteer evolved from helping with the Intake process to organizing furniture as warehouse manager and now leading the Intake process and Selection Saturday morning coordination.  Alexa was by my side at garage sales where we would purchase items for the Blessings area. The Furniture Ministry Leadership Team honored Alexa's memory by renaming the Blessings Area as Alexa's Corner.

My faith in God has given me strength to deal with Alexa's passing. I try to honor her memory every day. Brian and I started the Alexa Noel Wasylkowski Humanitarian Scholarship at Addison High School where she would have graduated in 2016. Brian and I have befriended a few people who are attending college and have helped with expenses. I particularly enjoy anonymously helping people who are struggling with difficulties. When I am faced with a challenge, I hear Alexa say "you can do it". Nicole Nordeman has a song which lyrics include "I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me". I remember Alexa everyday and strive to leave a legacy in her memory. She and God give me strength.

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