I have been a member of Epworth Methodist Church for 50 years.  The Church and the people are what drew my Mom and Dad and me.  Pastor Paul Tropf was the Senior Pastor.  The Choir was wonderful as it is now.  In earlier years I sang in the Choir and helped with the Children’s Choirs.

Now, my passion is Epworth Furniture Ministry.  To be able to help those less fortunate and have had struggles in life and assist them in choosing furniture for their new home is heartwarming.  Epworth Furniture Ministry enriches my faith journey.

People tend to sit in the same pews every Sunday.  In all the churches I have attended with my parents, we always sat in the back pew.  This tradition continued until my Mom was 105 years old.  In later years when it was more difficult for her to walk, the ushers would rope off the back pew and save the seat for her.  Some of my most cherished memories are Sundays in the back pew with my Mom at Epworth.  She liked to remain in the pew after the closing hymn to listen to Cecil play the postlude.  Her favorite piece was Widor Toccata, her fingers tapping with the music.

I have been blessed to worship at Epworth for 50 years and look forward to many more years being involved in the life of the Church.