The Epworth 2020 Vision


We will deepen our care ministries aimed at supporting all of our members and friends with special emphasis upon senior adults.


We will actively seek partners that will increase the number of
positive “on-property experiences” for families with children.


We intend to make a significant investment to lower the poverty
rate of Lucas County by investing with more focus in “The Next Neighborhood Over.”


We will create a world-class facility that matches our heart’s
passion to reach younger people with the Good News of
Jesus Christ.


Since Epworth’s founding, the members of our congregation have repeatedly given their time, talents, and gifts to build the church we know today. It is this tremendous foundation upon which we are fortunate to be able to prepare for the future.

Epworth is more than a building. It’s the place where we share the Good News of God’s mercy and love with those who come through the doors, and it’s the place from which we go forward into our community and around the world, creating hope, healing, and positive change.

Through this capital campaign, conceived through prayer and careful planning, we are raising funds to support the remodeling and

expansion plan presented by the building committee earlier this year to help us achieve our Epworth 2020 Vision.


Features of the New Building Plan Include:

  • Safe and secure pre-school and elementary education areas.
  • Expanded and updated restroom facilities.
  • Open & inviting narthex space allowing more room to connect with friends.
  • A more appropriate multi-ministry area with the flexibility to evolve.
  • Retaining our sanctuary for excellent traditional worship experience.
  • Larger and more flexible classroom spaces for youth and adult education.
  • Added capacity and space for reflection within the Memorial Garden.
  • Additional parking spaces to accommodate attendees across services and activities.
  • Additional space to host future missions and events.