Serving 4:19 (S4 for short) references the Toledo Area Code 419 and Matthew 4:19 where Jesus says, “Come, follow me and I will send you out to fish for people.” 

Our goal is to remember that serving is a way of life, not just what we do for one season, which is why we have S4 events quarterly. As we are out serving the community we are setting an example for others of what living the life of a Christian is all about and we should remember that we can lead people to Christ by our actions and our deeds. We sincerely hope you will come with us as we fish for people and Serve 4:19!

Six Super Saturdays of Service, formerly referred to as S4, started at Epworth in August 2012 and has grown steadily with each successive year. In 2015 Sylvania First United Methodist Church became a full partner and several other local churches have started to participate too.


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S4 Testimony Videos 2017

S4 2017 Video 1

S4 2017 Video 2

S4 2017 Video 3

S4 2017 Video 4

S4 2017 Video 5

S4 2017 Video 6


S4 Videos from 2016

S4 2016 Week 1

S4 2016 Week 2

S4 2016 Week 3

S4 2016 Week 4

S4 2016 Week 5

S4 2016 Week 6

Serving 4:19 - St. Paul's Sack Lunch Project

We need 4-5 volunteers each Wednesday, 9am-12:30pm, to pack lunches and distribute in St. Paul’s UMC parking lot, and clean up. Learn more at:

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