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Our Epworth SWAT Student Ministries takes the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) passionately to heart as we prepare for our Student Ministries Summer Mission Weeks --- our youth once again accept Jesus' challenge. Some churches say that youth are tomorrow's church.... at Epworth, we say our youth are today's church!

Our Junior High SWAT Students are going on a weeklong mission venture starting June 24 to Logan, Ohio (just north of Athens) serving in partnership with the southeast Ohio Food Bank. We will be serving in their four county food distribution center along with numerous food pantries and shelters serving this economically deprived area in Southwest Ohio. We hope that our presence within that community will leave a strong message that they are not forgotten, they are loved, and there is hope for a better day.

Epworth’s Senior High SWAT Students will be traveling to the St. Louis Missouri area on July 8 for a mission week providing post flood and tornado relief in this hard hit heartland area of America.

Over 100 students and their adult teams will be giving a week of their summer vacation serving as missionaries for Christ Jesus and Epworth. We ask that you pray for each of our youth and their adult teams as they travel and serve in your name. Our students will be giving their presence, service, and money for their expenses. You, as our Epworth Congregation and family, have always offered your financial gifts in so many ways: you've joyfully supported our Youth Missions while using the Kroger Pluscards, by attending our fundraising dinners, and even with direct contributions. The dividends and return on your investment in our youth is literally out of this world – it gives us hope for tomorrow! We cannot thank YOU enough for your passionate support of our SWAT Student Ministries.

It was Jesus' Great Commission given to all followers --- a specific calling to take direct action while on this earth, each day, every day, in everything we do and everywhere we go. Jesus did not give us a "Great Option", no it's called the Great Commission! We must never forget His command, not just through our words, but in our deeds and actions: at home, at the office, with our clients and customers, in the morning (even when we're not morning people), in the evening (even when we're not night owls), with everyone including our best friends (and our "not so best" friends). Please join our SWAT mission teams with your daily prayers as our Epworth youth & adults will serve in Epworth's name with energy, passion and commitment while fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission.