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9:45 A Very Veggie Summer

Beginning Sunday June 4, children at 9:45 the elementary children will embark on a journey with our pals from the Veggie Tales. Each week we will look at clips from these iconic children’s programs as we discuss one of 3 Biblical practices -Courage, Faith in God, and putting others first. Kids will dive into the stories of Queen Esther and King David to learn that sometimes God uses young people, just like them, to do great big things. Through hands on activities, small group discussions, and of course, watching the stumbles of our Veggie Tale friends, children will continue their journey of faith. Our prayer is that this summer your kids will learn to be brave, learn to depend on God, and learn to be unselfish…and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

11:00 Amazing Questions Kids Ask About God

Beginning Sunday June 4, WOW will be on summer break and elementary children at 11:00 will be invited to stay in worship with their families. Our children’s moments this summer will focus around real questions from real kids about God and their faith. These everyday questions like “Will my dog be in heaven?”, “what is God’s favorite color?”, and “Does God take naps?” These are things children think about as they discover who God is and struggle to make sense of a confusing, overwhelming world. We are also excited to debut our new children’s worship bags this summer. These bags will have all the items your children have come to love in the worship binders, as well as some additional elements to help them focus on Christ during worship.