Attention Families ~ Please help us if you can! American Cultural Exchange Service has exchange students who will attend TPS PROUD schools and are in need of a full time home for the academic year. They need a family to fully experience America.

  • Zhu, a boy from China, grade 11, loves basketball, bicycling, singing and plays the clarinet.  He would like to try swimming, fishing and US Football while here.
  • Joao, a shy Catholic boy from Ecuador in grade 10 who loves sports and wants to play soccer and basketball. He enjoys all types of pasta, chicken and cookies and dislikes vegetables.
  • Martin, a boy from Slovakia, grade 11,  who enjoys playing tennis and jogging.  He is Christian and attends church weekly and would like to try sailing.
  • Monica is currently attending Start HS and needs a permanent host family.  She is a quiet girl from Sierra Leonne who loves to dance, cook and watch movies.  She enjoys riding her bicycle and hopes to get involved in Arts programs.
  • Pamela from Kenya is currently enrolled at Scott High School and needs a permanent family until June. She likes to dance and get involved in volunteering in the community.

Epworth members Cindy and Mike Kirby, a current host family living in the Toledo area, would be happy to answer your questions about their experience hosting their student.  Cindy can be reached at 419-467-2286 and Mike can be reached at 419-481-1964. Evenings are best.

Families provide meals in the home, a separate bed and a loving environment.  Students speak English, are medically insured, have their own spending money and must be allowed to get fully involved in TPS PROUD activities at school and with your family.  Families can contact Val Virag-Local Coordinator/ ACES at 419-466-7074 for more information on hosting an ACES student in their home.  ACES is a highly accredited 501C3 NFP Organization serving all TPS PROUD schools. Learn more!