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The Epworth Furniture Ministry needs 6-8 additional volunteers to staff our Saturday and special pickup crews. The Free Loaders provide the critical first step in gathering donated furniture to be re-gifted to those in need.

Please help us attract new Free Loaders by asking your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers to volunteer to pick up furniture.

The Free Loader qualifications are simple:

  • A desire to help those who need,
  • Available one Saturday per month (8:00 am –noon),
  • Capable of lifting furniture with the help of 2-3 other volunteers
  • Age is not a limitation (we have many who are in their 70’s)

The Free Loaders receive many benefits from knowing what they do is helping someone who is in need. In addition, the volunteers have a great deal of fun being God’s helping hands. Potential Free Loaders may call Ed Bardi using the form below.

Contact Ed:

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