My name is Travis Hamman and I am an aspiring Life Scout from Epworth's own Troop 2 as well as a member here at Epworth. I'm sure all of you have heard all too much of the disaster that befell Houston, Texas as Hurricane Harvey, (A category 4 hurricane), tore through the gulf coast leaving thousands without shelter and power. Here I present the first step to solving this crisis with my eagle scout project, "Helping Houston".

With the help of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) I have promised to put together at least 100 flood relief buckets to go out to places that, like Houston, have been decimated by these terrible storms. However, such a task cannot be fulfilled by a single person alone. I turn to you, every member of this church, to help the people of houston through this endeavor. Please consdier donating simple household items such as sponges, plastic brushes, trash bags, detergent. Find a full list of donation items in the lobby. These simple things that are taken for granted can be the first step in making a real difference. Thank you all for your time. God bless.