In light of the increasing number of phishing attempts, we wanted to remind all our members to be vigilant online and send you some tips to help keep you and your family’s digital property safe.

Email “Phishing” scams are one of the most popular tactics hackers employ to trick users into thinking they received an email from a close friend or a reputable company. Hackers will use fake but realistic-looking email addresses, your existing contacts, real logos, and other strategies to trick you into clicking a malicious link that could compromise your security.  

Be Cautious, think before you click!

  • DO NOT click links from emails that you weren’t expecting or from contacts not already in your contact list.
  • DO NOT open attachments that you weren’t expecting or seem suspicious
  • DO NOT send money or gift cards in response to an email. Your friends and loved ones will not ask you for money via email.  

Tips to spot a scam email:

  • Misspelled words
  • Strange or big requests
  • Email looks weird and bare-boned
  • Missing footer and navigation
  • No contact information  

How to avoid these attacks:

  • Above all else: Don’t click the link or open the attachment
  • Be skeptical. Start a new email thread rather than hitting reply
  • Ask a follow-up questions for clarification, or report to an IT company
  • Be careful about the info you share on social media, oversharing can be used to target you
  • Make sure any passwords are strong  

If you receive a message from an Epworth staff member, or fellow congregation member that seems suspicious, we want to know! Please call the church office to let us know at 419.531.4236.