Laura Seaman
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February 2019

You may have noticed that absorptive acoustical panels have now been installed on the walls of the Children’s’ Church and the Deep End dramatically improving the sound quality in each of these large rooms.  There are still a few remaining projects that need to be completed on the interior of the church, and should be completed this spring:

  • a new kiosk that will hold our name tags 
  • installation of some permanent coat racks in the alcove across from the new lobby bathrooms

Several projects continue to be in process on the exterior of the church as well. Once we occupied the new addition and began to use the new south parking lot, we became aware that an excessive amount of light from both automobile traffic and pole light fixtures was intruding on our southern neighbor’s property.  Over the past several months, we have been working with our southern neighbor as well as the Village of Ottawa Hills to improve the situation and further reduce the amount of light intrusion.  At considerable cost to the church, these projects include:

  • Planting of additional larger evergreen trees along the mound at our southern boundary of our property to supplement our existing evergreen trees to better block automobile and parking lot light from intruding on our neighbor’s property
  • Installing factory recommended shields to our pole light fixtures in our southern parking lot to eliminate the night-time glare from the fixtures
  • Replacing the two light poles and fixtures in our west parking with a new building mounted flood light to eliminate the night-time glare from the fixtures

It is our sincere hope that these above corrective actions will dramatically reduce the light intrusion onto our neighbor’s property and demonstrate that Epworth will continue to be a good neighbor within the Village of Ottawa Hills.

Additionally in the spring, we will be making some modifications to our detention pond to reduce or eliminate the standing water that sometimes collects in the pond making maintenance difficult.

Epworth Trustees