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Friday, June 1

Offices & building will be CLOSED from 8am – 6pm due to an electricity cut off in order to connect our new building with electrical power. Computer network and telephones will be turned off around 10pm Thursday night and restarted on Friday evening when the power is turned back on. In the event of a pastoral emergency, please call 567-249-0885 during the above period.

Monday, June 18 - Friday, July 13

The final phase of our new lobby demolition & remodeling will begin (ceiling replaced & walls taken down). Please pardon our construction during this critical period as we begin to finish off our year-long construction project.

Friday, June 22

Offices & building will be CLOSED from 8am – 6pm due to water turn off in order to install a new backflow valve in our water supply. Water will be turned back on by 6pm (same day) and our water system should be fully operational thereafter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Director of Operations, Peter Machin using the form below.

Contact Peter:

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