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Thank you, Epworth, for your generous donations throughout our Advent 2018 season! See the table in the lobby to see all the winter items, money, and time you donated.

Thank you to the Community Outreach committee for all their coordination and hard work, and also to our community partners for the opportunity to help others in the Toledo area: Salvation Army of NW Ohio, Leading Families Home, Heifer International, YWCA of NW Ohio, St. Paul's Community Center, LifeLine Toledo, and the Hawkins School Partnership.

We donated:

  • $2,247 donated across 3 days from Kroger Salvation Army Bell Ringers
  • $960 donated to Heifer International
  • 50 hams donated to St. Paul’s community Center
  • 140 mittens/gloves
  • 138 hats
  • 81 scarves
  • 184 socks
  • 11 sets of hats/gloves
  • 35 men, women & children adopted from Leading Families Home
  • $2,075 (83 $25 gift cards) donated to Hawkins Elementary School 7th & 8th graders
  • 24 bags donated to Lifeline Ministries
  • 79 bags donated to YWCA
  • 48 bags donated to St. Paul’s Community Center
  • 7 boxes of diapers donated to YWCA
  • 1,600 invitations delivered in our area