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The Work of the People FORTY DAYS: A Journey Through the Desert of Lent

Before light, there is darkness; before birth, there is pain. Before many of our meaningful moments, there is a time of preparation, a time of longing. The Christian season of Lent is the forty days set aside (from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday) to enter into the wilderness of our souls and seeking quiet, openness and emptiness. Lent is more than a period of self-denial and giving up indulgences; it is about preparation and encounter. It was in the desert where Jesus encountered the demons of his deepest temptations, but it was also where he found God’s sustaining presence and love.

These poems are stories about finding home. Jesus’ journey is also like our journey, an attempt to capture the place of longing in every heart; it is an attempt to go back to the garden. However, as we make our way through life, we come to realize that Eden is a distant dream, a reality that we might not ever come into being. We either become cynical or attempt to build our own paradise. In contrast, Jesus’ life was not about this long-lost garden, but something greater—a new Eden, a new Jerusalem—a new Kingdom. In order to find this new home, though, the journey might take a detour through the wilderness, and what we may find there may test the very core of who we are.

During this five-week study, we will be watching short videos, reading poetry, studying scripture, reflecting on questions and practices of Lent. 

Never Alone// LENT ONE
Away from Home// LENT TWO
Leaving Ourselves at the Altar// LENT FOUR
Watering Dry Bones// LENT FIVE

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