Epworth Worship Health Safety Protocols 

1.   Our Sanctuary will be sanitized prior to the first worship service of the weekend, between each service, and at the conclusion of the last service.

2.   Face masks are strongly recommended.  When worn, they should be covering the mouth and nose.  Masks and sanitizing wipes are available for congregants and visitors as they enter the building. 

3.   Since singing has become prevalent again in worship, two pews at a time will be roped off to allow for proper social distancing. Please find a seat where you feel comfortable and enjoy worship with the knowledge that we are doing everything possible to keep our sanctuary inviting, comfortable and safe.

4.   Offering plates will not be passed. Baskets will be located at the back of the sanctuary for drop off or you may donate online at Epworth.com.

5.   No coffee or snacks will be available in the lobby. They will resume when it is safe to do so.

6.   Our Senior Pastor and Associate Pastors will not be shaking hands (although they very much want to) to maintain social distancing. Also, we should not touch other Parishioners for the same reason.

7.   Holy Communion will continue weekly at the 8:30 a.m. service and at the first Sunday of the month for the other services. Following our sanitation protocol, a pre-packaged sealed cup and wafer will be placed at each seat before the service. During communion, each person will open their own cup and wafer. Ushers will be able to assist anyone who may need help. The kits are NOT gluten free. Separate gluten free communion will be made available as requested.

8.   Children are invited to remain with their family during worship. There will be children’s activity bags at the Sanctuary entrance. The Children’s Ministry Team will continue to offer their online Facebook Live stream each week and provide additional resources on their Facebook page and at Epworth.com. There will not be nursery or childcare provided at this time.

9.  Worship attendees are requested to enter and exit the building through designated doorways to help insure proper social distancing.

10.  We will continue to update these protocols as suggested by the Lucas County Health Department and the Governor’s office.


Non-Worship Building Safety Protocols

  • The building will be open to groups starting on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  All groups will need to follow the church guidelines for health and safety.

  • Hand sanitizing wipes and masks will be available at the Central Avenue entrance for all who enter.

  • Face masks are required for all visitors. Face masks must be worn over the nose and mouth.

  • All visitors must use hand sanitizing wipes as they enter the building. 

  • Visitors are expected to practice appropriate social distancing.

  • No coffee or snacks will be available in the lobby. They will resume when it is safe to do so.

  • No food or shared beverages are allowed in the building.  Visitors can bring individual beverages in containers with lids.
  •  Outside of office hours, the building will be locked, except for planned events or meetings.