As a single mom I was looking for a church that offered both traditional and non-traditional services as well as programs that would allow my three daughters to grow within the church. We joined Epworth when my oldest was in preschool and the church has been full of opportunities for all three of my daughters as well as myself. Today my oldest is in junior high and is very excited to have more adventures with the youth group.

My family loves to help with community service projects at Epworth. Last year we helped with the food bank and in years before we have helped with cookies for Karios. As the girls get older their experiences broaden and their connection to their church grows deeper.  We also love to connect through the children's choir and bell choir.   Recently I have joined The Mix, a social group at Epworth. It's nice way to connect with others in the church and support each other. It takes a village and Epworth is our village.

We also enjoy our time with the Epworth Community Girl Scout troop. The troop focuses on projects that benefit the community and help the girls learn key leadership skills.

I'm fortunate enough that I grew up in a faith-based home. My faith was solid when I came to Epworth. I chose Epworth because I wanted my children to have the same foundation of faith that I had growing up. Epworth has met our needs and continues to help the girls grow in their faith. We are forever thankful for Epworth and its members. They have become an extended family to us.

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