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While we don’t take the summer off from Sunday school, Fall is still the traditional start of the new year for the Children’s Ministry programs. As your family returns from vacations and settles back into the routine of school and weekly church attendance, there are many ways you can impact the faith of children this school year. We’d love to help you use your talents and passion for Christ to make an impact on the lives of the kids God sends to Epworth this year.

The Children’s Discipleship Team would ask all of you to prayerfully consider how you might serve Epworth’s Kids in the 2018-2019 school year and live into your commitment to serve within the walls of your church. The children will be looking to you to be small group leaders, classroom teachers, serve on the Sunday School A/V team, or to help lead our Large group Bible Story time.

We will be making phone calls on August 8 with the goal of filling all the leadership needs for the year. If you already know when and how you’d like to serve this year or if you would like to be on their call list, please contact Mary using the form below.

Contact Mary:

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