Laura Seaman
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Epworth is again partnering with PRAY to offer programs to our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The PRAY Series is centered on Christian Discipleship and Outreach.  Young people read the Bible, learn about Jesus, engage in meaningful discussions with mentors, and participate in service projects for their church and community.

The program is broken into 4 levels:

  • God & Me (1-3 grade)
  • God & Family (4-6 grade)
  • God & Church (6-8 grade)
  • God & Life (9-12 grade)

We are also opening to parents/guardians an Adult Mentor Program where adults will work side by side with their youth in the program completing their own workbook and will be awarded their own pin. They are mentors, not counselors and will be working and learning right along with the youth. This program will be open to those who are members of the scouting groups who meet here at Epworth as well as those who are in scouting groups that meet at other locations.

We plan to start classes in September. If your scout is interested in participating please contact Inga Holton using the contact form below by September 10.

Contact Inga: