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Fellow Church Members,

Financial coaching starts with a conversation. Are you struggling with your budget? Do you fear missing rent, car, or mortgage payments? Maybe you are a recent college graduate who is searching for your financial footing. Perhaps you are stuck in neutral and not growing your retirement account sufficiently.  Whatever the situation, we can find a solution.

Coaching includes personal consultations during which we review your specific situation; after that, I will provide guidance and inject hope.  We will cover topics including budgeting, income, expenses, debt, saving, investing, insurance, real estate, and more.  Whatever situation you are facing, we will discuss it and break it down, then I’ll offer specific guidance.

Scheduling an initial 30-minute consultation is easy:

  1. Visit and “like” my Facebook page. Click the “Book Now” button to select an available time slot.
  2. Alternatively, go directly to the scheduling site. Then select Initial Consultation by phone or zoom.

Feel free to contact me with any questions using the contact form below. Looking forward to meeting you!

-Brad Pfeifer

Church and choir member Brad Pfeifer completed extensive training presented by Dave Ramsey’s team (the same organization that created Financial Peace University, which is also offered at our church) and is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.  

Contact Brad:

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