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Join us in welcoming these new team members to our Sunday morning paid Nursery and Toddler care team! Epworth is blessed to have such caring and passionate individuals tending to the needs of our little ones. If you see them in the halls, or in the nursery wing, please introduce yourself and help make them feel welcome!

Mae Sattler: Mae, a UT student studying early childhood education,  joined our team in December. During the week Mae works at Toddler Tech giving care to their infants. She finds working with children so fulfilling because of the joy and love kids have for life.

Monique Burton: Monique is a newlywed who attends UT and works full time as a para-professional for Toledo Public Schools. She is at Marshall elementary and works with 4th through 7th grade students. Her passion is helping kids of all ages grow to their full potential.

Jennifer Matuska: Jennie is an Epworth member, mother of 2, and a long time sub in the early childhood wing. Many of you will recognize her familiar face as one of the preschool  co-leaders of our 2016 VBS.  Jennie has her degree in education and is excited to use her passion for kids as a regular member of our Early Childhood Team.