On August 29, Team Recovery/FAAD held a Narcan training session, presented by the Lucas County Health Department in the gym and we were generously gifted FIVE Narcan kits! Two are in the lobby First Aid cabinet, the other three are in the other First Aid kits located around the building.

The Narcan kits that have been provided are easy to use. Inside the black zippered pouch you will find a pair of nitrile gloves, a CPR mouth shield, and two doses of Narcan. Wearing the gloves is recommended to avoid potentially coming into contact with powerful drugs.

If you have used Afrin nasal spray, these Narcan doses are administered the same way. Tip the victim’s head back and administer the Narcan into either nostril. Do NOT prime the nasal syringe or the dosage will be wasted. There is one measured dose per container, with a shelf life of 2 years. Call 9-1-1 before administering the first dose.

Additional instructions for administering the Narcan are on the boxes in the kits. If you suspect an overdose but it is not, administering the Narcan will not exacerbate other medical conditions. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Beth using the form below.

Contact Beth:

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