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The space in our memorial garden provides a beautiful and meaningful final resting place on the grounds of the church that you have loved and served. Interment in the memorial garden is an alternative to traditional burial. The garden is located just outside our Chapel making it private and a sacred space for loved ones. With an inspirational water feature along with seating benches, a new columbarium, and a winding pathway through the garden, you will relax in this space of remembrance, prayer, and reflection. 

We live with the hope in life eternal and the assurance that even death cannot separate us from God’s love. Preparing for the end of our earthly lives provides peace of mind, and ease of burden on our loved ones during a time of grief. 

What is a Columbarium? 

A granite stone with niches designed to hold urns containing cremated remains of deceased loved ones. A plaque is placed over the urn for memorialization.

Can one still be interred in the ground?

Yes, we will offer both interment in the columbarium with name memorialized on a plaque and our traditional ground interment with name memorialized on a granite tablet. 

Does one need to be a member of Epworth to be interred in the Memorial Garden? 

Membership is not a requirement, but the garden is built for those who consider Epworth their church home and their immediate family members. 

Pricing Structure:

Ground interment with memorialization: $2,000
Columbarium interment with memorialization: $5,000

How do I begin the conversation regarding placement within the memorial garden?

Call Sr. Pastor Stephen Lowell Swisher at 419.214.3766 to setup an appointment.