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When you joined Epworth as a member, you made a vow to offer service to our church. One of the ways you can fulfill this commitment is by making yourself available to serve on one of our teams/committees that direct the overall mission and ministry of the church. Traditionally, the Nominations Committee has discerned who is to be invited into Epworth’s leadership life for the upcoming year. Nominations still cares for this work, but in a spirit of newness we want to try a new approach. We humbly ask you today, to prayerfully consider making yourself available to serve with one of our teams or committees.

This document has a listing of teams/committees that are eligible for this open nominations process. Would you consider marking one or more areas you may be interested in serving? Please return this card to the church office during business hours, via mail, or by simply dropping it in the offering plate by Sunday, August 21st.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Doug using the contact form below. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration in taking part of this important role in the mission and ministry of our church.


Below is a description of all Committee's & Teams on which you may serve:


The board of trustees is responsible for all real property of the church –both the church building and Wesley property.  That means making decisions about repairs, maintenance, insurance, etc.  They are also the agents of the corporation.  While most of their work is decision making, they are also involved from time to time in hands on labor like the spring and fall clean up days.  Board members also take responsibility for various areas of their work, e.g. insurance liaison, tech committee, liaison, kitchen committee, etc.


We have a very active committee with a lot of the work done by lay people. 

We oversee all of the Sunday school classes, birth through Grade 5 including:

  • Curriculum
  • Teacher training
  • Teacher screening

We plan many events such as:

  • Gingerbread House Workshop
  • Touch a Truck
  • VBS
  • Teacher recognition and support
  • Trunk or Treat
  • We are also in charge of the resource room and all of the supplies.

Most of the planning and work is done during the meetings, attendance is necessary.


The Communications Committee's main goal is simple: to further the message and mission of Epworth through both internal and external communication. Our mission is to promote awareness of, support for and participation in the Church and its programs among members and non-members alike.

You don't need to have a marketing or public relations professional to serve on the committee. Sure, we have a couple of committee members who do that for a living, but really all you need are good ideas and knowledge of how to reach people.

Some other activities include:

  • providing communication input and marketing support for specific church programs as requested (usually comes from other committees)
  • evaluating and recommending changes and revisions to existing marketing and communications programs as needed
  • proposing and initiating new communications and/or marketing projects as appropriate"


  • Must be willing to serve at all 3 services. Effort is made to accommodate preferred service times, but this is not always possible.
  • Will be asked to serve 5-6 times a year.
  • Are asked to arrive 15 minutes before service to help set up.
  • Are asked to stay after to clean up and get ready for the next service.
  • Are asked to help set up at least 1 Saturday per year.
  • Are able to correspond via email.


Community Outreach meets the first Monday of each month.  The committee oversees the local arm of Epworth’s outreach ministry.  We help support 17 agencies in the greater Toledo area.  Community Outreach is also the committee that runs of Habitat for Humanity builds, the Christmas time mitten tree and Advent Gift Bags, as well as Feed Your Neighbor.


"Fostering a spirit of community and fellowship within our congregation."

We plan events for the church for people to fellowship together. Our events include: The Block Party, Cookout/Campfire, The Chili Cook-off, Graduation Sunday Reception, Ice Skating Event, etc.

We meet a couple times a year, usually before an event. Our meetings are the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00. 


Finance Committee meets on call of the chairperson –usually 3-5 times per year.  As you would expect, the committee oversees the financial condition and operations of the church and sees that it runs on a sound financial footing.  It is the Finance Committee that recommends to the Administrative Council each year’s budget.  The committee also sees to it that an annual audit of our books is performed.


It is the Missions Committee that oversees our worldwide outreach to others.  Epworth supports projects from southern Ohio to Alaska to Oklahoma to Samara, Russia to Ndola, Zambia and Haiti and Guatemala.  The Missions Committee designs and leads our various work teams –whether to New Orleans or Africa or Russia.  It is missions that spearheads our annual Heifer Project fund drive during Advent.


Epworth’s music committee works closely with the director of music on all aspects of the music program.  They serve as a valuable resource for new ideas, and they help the music program stay in touch with the needs and concerns of the congregation.  In order to do this effectively they come from all three services and represent a diverse range of age and worship tastes.


N & P is responsible for recruiting and training the lay leadership for the church.  The committee works in the late summer and early fall to prepare the slate of officers and leaders for the fall charge conference.  The committee meets throughout the year on an as needed basis to fill vacancies and to provide for support or training as needed.


Outdoor Beautification is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees.  The group is responsible for all the grounds of the church and Wesley Property.  That includes the Cloister Garden.  The committee meets on call of the chair.  Their biggest work days are the spring and fall clean up days, but there is much work for the committee to do all spring through fall in trying to keep our grounds and flower beds looking attractive. 


Plan and organize events for parents (birth to 6th grade) to get together and have 'adult time" with fellow members without the worry or cost of babysitters (since they are provided by the church). Some activities have included a hockey game, dinner and movie, and bowling. We meet 2-3 times a year for 1-2 hours to brainstorm, plan, and organize the events throughout the year. We plan 6-8 events per year. Our goal is to allow parents to come together outside Sunday services, foster relationships, and create a worry free night out.


The Preschool board (Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) and Children’s Day Out (CDO)) will meet the second Tuesday of each month for approximately one hour.  The board approves all policy, procedures, objectives, goals and calendar for the school and performs all other necessary actions for the continued operation of the school.


The purpose of this committee is to provide an environment of support, acceptance and Christian love to individuals with special needs and their families.

We are beginning with training for buddies for children in Sunday school, and increasing awareness in the congregation.  Future plans include community involvement and inclusion into our church activities, Bible studies, accessibility studies, support for families, and volunteer experiences.


The Stewardship Committee is charged with the mission of helping every member and friend of Epworth develop the spiritual discipline of being a good steward of their time, talent and treasure.  The annual stewardship campaign is the direct responsibility of the Stewardship Committee as well as on going stewardship education and support.


  • Making all people feel welcome
  • Looking for guests and making them feel welcome
  • Taking guests on a tour of the church
  • Obtaining greeters for all services
  • Maintaining the information kiosk
  • Calling guests and inviting them back
  • Sending notes to third time guests
  • Delivering welcome bags to first time guests
  • Working with new member classes

If you feel you have a gift for welcoming people, as well as being in fellowship with Epworth members, this committee is for you.


The Wellness Team Ministry is a very active group and meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 pm. 

  • Blood Drives--  The team works with the  American Red Cross to provide two blood drives each year.  (Blood drives are held in the spring and the fall).  The team members are responsible for recruiting donors, promotion, and greeting at the blood drive.
  • Flu Shots---The team works with the Toledo Lucas County Health Dept to offer flu shots at Epworth in the fall.  (The shots are open to the community).
  • Health Fair---The team works together to organize and plan an annual health fair that is held at Epworth in the spring and is open to the public.  The team members are responsible for this event including planning, scheduling vendors, and promotion.
  • First Aid Kits----The team is responsible for maintaining the first aid kits in the church.
  • AED---The team is responsible for maintaining and testing the AED located in the narthex at Epworth.  The team oversees that AED  and CPR training are offered on an annual basis.
  • Seminars/ Other health-related events---The team plans other health-related events. (Examples:  Dementia seminar, Heart Day, etc).
  • Tower articles---team members are responsible for monthly articles for the Tower.
  • The team provides support for the team director.
  • Hand wipes---The team provides individually-wrapped hand wipes for the narthex.
  • Heart Day---held in February.


The Worship Committee at Epworth is the lay support team to help plan, implement and evaluate outstanding, passionate worship for the entire Epworth Community. 

Contact Pastor Doug:

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