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Hope for the Future:  The Future of the United Methodist Church (September 25-27). In the past, Epworth clergy, staff and lay leaders have taken advantage of the ministry resources provided by the Church of the Resurrection UMC in Leawood, Kansas. These resources have been offered in the forms of seminars and speakers all focused on how to grow your church by offering the grace of Jesus Christ in fresh forms while building leaders within the local church.

In light of our denominational challenges heading towards the next General Conference in May in Minneapolis, Rev. Adam Hamilton is changing the focus for this year’s Leadership Institute. The focus will be on equipping local churches to best prepare their congregations for the future. Part of this work will be offering resources for local churches to have productive conversations concerning questions of different theological understandings and local church unity.

Limited to two participants per local church this year, please pray for Wes Johnson and Pastor Doug Damron as they plan to attend in September to listen, learn, and bring back potential resources for our Epworth family. Please hold them and the United Methodist Church in your prayers as we look to the future with hope. Learn more at