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This Holy Week, we are blessed to offer our community the opportunity to join us and listen to prominent leaders within the United Methodist Church. Click here for a printable PDF. Print at home, or pick up a few copies in the church lobby and invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join you for one or all of these exciting speakers! Click here to view the current safety protocols we have in place. We strive to make our church a safe environment for you and your loved ones. Services Monday-Thursday & Saturday will be livestreamed at for those still staying home.

Palm Sunday - 8:30, 9:45 & 11am

Bishop Will Willimon

Speaking Virtually & Livestreamed - Bishop Willimon is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry and Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Department at Duke University. He served as Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church for Eight years and prior to that time was the Dean of the Chapel at Duke University. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and he is the Editor-at-large of The Christian Century magazine. His newest book entitled, “Preacher’s Dare: Speaking for God” is already a Best-Seller.

Monday, March 29 at 7pm

Dr. Robert Schuller

Speaking In-Person & Livestreamed - Dr. Robert Schuller was born in Blue Island, Illinois and is the only son of Crystal Cathedral founders Dr. Robert H. Schuller and Mrs. Arvella Schuller. He is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Dr. Schuller was raised in Southern California and throughout his childhood and adolescent years actively participated in the Garden Grove Community Church, later known as the Crystal Cathedral. Following his Ordination, he was the Founding and Senior Pastor of the Rancho Capistrano Community Church in San Juan Capistrano, California. He appeared weekly on the Internationally broadcast Hour of Power Television Program for 32 years. On January 22, 2006, Dr. Schuller succeeded his father as the second Senior Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries and Host of the Hour Of Power. An accomplished author, he has written 12 books including the New York Times Best-Selling Dump Your Hang Ups, Without Dumping Them On Other People, Possibility Living: Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Those Years, and Walking In Your Own Shoes: Discover God’s Direction For Your Life.

Tuesday, March 30 at 7pm

Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr.

Speaking In-Person & Livestreamed - Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr. is currently the resident Bishop of the Great Plains Area, which includes the Great Plains Conference in the South Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. Bishop Saenz has served Churches in Dallas, El Paso and Edinburg, Texas. In his congregations he developed many innovative programs including the Levantate—Get UP computer literacy program, targeting single mothers who were unemployed because of factory shutdowns so they could enter the job market at a sustainable wage level. Bishop Saenz and his wife, Maye have four children and reside in Topeka, Kansas.

Wednesday, March 31 at 7pm

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

Speaking In-Person & Livestreamed - Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar is the Resident Bishop of the Boston Area which includes the New England Conference in the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. He was born into a family of clergypersons and has been a follower of God all of his life. The name “Devadhar” means “follower of God.” He holds multiple graduate degrees including the Bachelor of Divinity, Master of Theology, Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. Prior to being elected Bishop he served as the District Superintendent for the Ontario District of the North Central New York Annual Conference.

Bishop Devadhar was elected to the Episcopacy in 2004. He began his assignment as the leader of the New Jersey Episcopal Area on September 1, 2004. After serving for 8 years he was assigned to the Boston Area where he serves to this day. He states, “I envision a Church of the Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit is igniting, gifting and empowering God’s children of all ages, backgrounds, colors and personalities to glorify their Creator as passionate witnesses for Jesus Christ.”

Thursday, April 1 at 7pm

Bishop Al Gwinn

Speaking In-Person & Livestreamed - Bishop Gwinn has served Churches ranging from rural, inner city and suburban congregations. For ten years he served as the Senior Pastor of the Centenary United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, which under his leadership became the largest Church in that Conference. He also served as the Senior Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Lexington and as the District Superintendent of the Lexington District. He was elected to the Episcopacy in 2004 and served as the Bishop of the North Carolina Conference based in Raleigh.

Friday, April 2 at 7pm

The Stations of The Cross

From Gethsemane to the Tomb, walk with Jesus through the Stations of the Cross. This self-directed worship experience takes place in our Sanctuary and portray artwork created by Epworth members & friends inspired by scripture. Learn more.

Virtual Stations of the Cross

Dr. Laurence L. Welborn

Speaking Virtually - Dr. Welborn is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Fordham University in New York City. He is a world- renowned New Testament scholar and is in great demand as a speaker and lecturer worldwide. He holds the Ph.D. in Theology from Vanderbilt University and the Master of Arts in Religion from Yale University. Dr. Welborn has written several best-selling books including; Politics and Rhetoric in the Corinthean Epistles, Paul: the Fool for Christ, An End to Emnity and Paul’s Summons to Messianic Life. Dr. Welborn’s topic will be “The Early Christian Response to Disease Epidemics.”

Saturday, April 3 at 4:30pm

Dr. Stephen Lowell Swisher

Speaking In-Person & Livestreamed - Dr. Swisher is the Senior Pastor of Epworth United Methodist Church located in the heart of Toledo, Ohio. He is a fourth generation United Methodist leader and has served as the Senior Pastor of Churches of all sizes including small, new Church start, County Seat, Suburban and Large Church appointments. His Churches have ranged in size from under 100 to more than 6,000 members. Prior to his current appointment he led Etna United Methodist Church in East Columbus, Ohio which became the fastest growing Church in the West Ohio Conference for three years in a row. He is the recipient of the prestigious Harry Denman Award from the Foundation of Evangelism of the United Methodist Church and the West Ohio Conference and was selected as Alumni of the Year from his alma mater United Theological Seminary. He is often a guest author in Christian periodicals and writes a popular weekly Column in the Toledo Blade Newspaper. He is the author of “God’s Way to Good Health” published by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Press, NY.

*FREE* Easter Sunrise Service at The Toledo Zoo Amphitheater at 6:30am

Join us at 6:30 AM at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater for an Easter morning special message from Dr. Swisher. Parking and admission to this worship service is FREE! Please use the Broadway parking lot and entrance only for this worship service. During worship you can enjoy complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, pastries and popcorn.  

If you would like to enjoy The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium after the service, discounted tickets are available for non-zoo members at the church office until Thursday April 1, 2021, or can be purchased at the Sunrise service.

Easter Worship in Epworth’s Main Sanctuary at 8:30, 9:45 and 11am

Dr. Swisher’s message Let Easter Happen to You. 

Click here to learn more about Easter Sunday for families.


* Special preacher will be virtual