Over the past several years, we have had many members request to stop receiving the printed Tower in order to be better stewards of our resources and planet. We've also received inquiries as to why, in this digital age, are we still allocating so much of your generous blessings to Epworth UMC on sending The Tower via mail? With this question in mind, the Communications Committee did an in-depth cost analysis and concluded The Tower is currently costing Epworth just over $16,500/year. Heres' the cost breakdown per year:

  • Paper cost: $955
  • Ink cost: $5,469
  • Postage cost: $1,290
  • Man hours: $4,356
  • Printer contract (% used on Tower): $4,447

We feel this considerable amount of money could significantly contribute to other, more impactful, areas of Epworth ministry and have decided beginning January 2020, we will move to a full transition to an electronic version of The Tower. However, we do understand there are members and friends without e-mail addresses and/or those who would simply prefer to receive a hard copy via mail. If you would rather receive the printed version in the future, call Marla at 419.214.3766 or email [email protected] to be removed from the e-list and added to our hard copy, mailed list. We will also continue to print a few dozen copies that will be available in the lobby.

Please keep in mind, this is not a full paperless transition. You will still receive important letters and announcements from the pastors and Ad Council at Epworth via the U.S. Postal Service.