Dr. Swisher,

You personally know National Leaders from both major Political parties including President Biden. How can we all work together to help our Nation?   Brooklyn, Political Science student, University of Toledo  


Hi Brooklyn, Thank you for your question.  

I appreciate hearing from bright College students such as yourself.  You are correct I do know and work with State and National leaders from diverse backgrounds and political ideology.  It is my honor to advise some and to simply be friends with others. Beyond that it is a privilege to be considered the Pastor to several elected officials.    

Your question gets to the heart of what our fellow Americans deal with everyday.  How can we face change and new ways of thinking without imploding?  How can we espouse our ideas with conviction yet mutual respect?  How can we disagree without being disagreeable?   The clear answer to these and other similar questions may be found in the New Testament letter written by the Apostle Paul to Titus. The following words recorded in Titus 3:9 are singularly appropriate for these times, “Avoid foolish controversies and quarrels because they are unprofitable and worthless.”     

Further, the Shakespearean character Macbeth incapsulates what so many people feel but aren’t sure how to express, “Life is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”  It does seem that sound, fury and arguments dominate news cycles without any meaningful resolution.    

The key here Brooklyn is just because we disagree with someone politically doesn’t mean they are horrible or evil people.  When we dehumanize others by calling them names or otherwise degrade them we are hammering the final nails in the coffin of Democracy.  Our strength is that our Nation is made up of, as my mother says “A salad bowl not a melting pot.”  We don’t all melt into the same color, flavor and consistency. Rather we retain our own zest, vibrancy and uniqueness.  That is the beauty of America.   

Daniel Webster’s words to a previous generation ring true today, “Let us develop the resources of our Land, Call forth its Powers, Build up its Institutions and Promote its great Interests, and see whether we also in our generation, may not perform something worthy to be remembered.”   

May we all rise to the occasion and hear his clarion call regardless of political camps.  And May God continue to Bless America.    

Dr. Stephen Lowell Swisher