Why should someone believe in God?   Nikki, Ottawa Hills, Ohio

Hello Nikki.  This is one of the most important questions a person can consider. Your belief in the existence of God has enormous implications on your views of life, humanity, morality and ultimate destiny.

Author and Professor C.S. Lewis once remarked that “God is not the sort of thing one can be moderately interested in.”  After all if God doesn’t exist there is no reason to be interested in God at all.  On the other hand, if God does exist then this subject is of paramount interest.

Here are a few reasons to believe in God:

  1. Life is meaningless without God
    If God does not exist life is ultimately meaningless. If your life is doomed to end in eternal death then it really doesn’t matter how you live.  If humanity is doomed to perish then the temporary efforts of the Scientist, Physician, Diplomat or Pastor are inconsequential and shallow.
  2. Without God we live without Hope
    If there is no God then there is no hope for deliverance from the shortcomings of our finite existence.  If God does not exist we are locked in a world filled with gratuitous and unredeemed suffering with zero hope for deliverance from evil. As there would be no moral tape measure by which to gauge much less stop the forces of darkness.
  3. God can be immediately known
    Think about that. If God does exist, then not only is there meaning and hope, but there is also the reality of coming to know God and His love personally.  The fact that God exists, is completely revealed in Jesus Christ and offers to empower each believer with the Holy Spirit not only makes a tremendous difference for humankind in general but also makes a life-changing impact on you as well.

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