I can understand the sentiment behind your question, Melanie.  Thanks for writing into our Column.

Whether it's COVID 19 or race relations or political corruption or simple electoral badgering the problems that surround us can sometimes seem overwhelming.   Even Rev. Billy Graham shortly before his death comiserated that he was a failure as he did not recognize any notable change in society from his ministry. 

It is easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, down on ourselves or on society in general.  I gave a message about this exact topic last weekend entitled, "If You Come Up Short....Don't Quit."  I invite you and our other readers to check it out 24/7 at epworth.com/sermons

The crucial thing for us to remember is that possibilities are all around us....every minute of every day.  The opportunity to be a positive impact for God with the tools of hope, faith, love and encouragement are always a part of our arsenal of peace and goodwill. 

Years ago farseeing and enlightened ministers in the Methodist Church began preaching what became known as the Social Gospel.  It was centered on welcoming all people into Churches, building hospitals and care centers, correcting unsafe working conditions and obliterating sweat shops and the abuses of child labor.  All of these things and more have been corrected and many more similar issues are currently being  confronted here at home and around the world by people of faith. 

Our ancestors both recent and long passed applied the teachings of Jesus to contemporary society to help rebalance the scales wherever and whenever needed.  The improved conditions of today, no matter how minor they may appear, may be directly traced to the social stimulation of the Christian conscience.  Were our predecessors perfect people?  No.  Did they solve every problem?  Of course not.   That is where we come in.  The Olympic torch of Faith combined with Works has been handed to us....so that we now must step up to do our part.
Christianity is firmly on the side of making our Nation and World a better place for all people.  While the world is still at unrest there is a moral force operating today that was almost non existent half a century ago.

Perhaps the best encouragement and hope I can give you and others grappling with this question is that we don't have to figure this out all by ourselves.  I like the way the founder of the Methodist movement Rev. John Wesley said  it 229 years ago, "The best of all is God is with us."