Hi Sheri, Thank you for this timely and relevant question.  I know it is challenging to face the turbulent and ever changing times in which we live.  But we do have help for the journey and encouragement to hold on from both the witness of the Bible and the presence of Christ’s Spirit.   

Whether you’re struggling with the fear and isolation of the ever changing COVID 19 pandemic, worried about a friend or love ones health or just having a week where things don’t seem to being going right, here are a few suggestions that will help:

  1. Maintain your Faith Be sure to plan prayer and times of reflection and Worship on a regular weekly or daily basis.  Ask for the Lord to help you understand His love for you and to give you an awareness of the presence of others in your life who can help.
  2. Rely on your support systems  We are created for relationships....for community. We need love, support, kindness, hope and confidence to gain strength to face the problems of life.  This is often found through those around us that we trust.  If you don’t have a support system be sure to reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help.
  3. Find Practices that bring you Peace Try reading passages in the Bible such as Mark chapters 14-15, Matthew chapters 26-27, John chapters 18-19 and Philippians chapter 4.  I heard the actor Michael Keaton state the other day in an interview about other actors on his most recent film when asked if they were good actors “I don’t feel qualified to say whether anybody else is a good actor or not.  I’m still trying to make sure I am at my best.”  When we look inward and rely on God we find hope and strength to be our best regardless of circumstances.
  4. Find the good Always remember to be thankful that things are not worse. There is always something or someone to be grateful for in life.  When you have an appreciative attitude and a grateful heart you can find good in each day.  Claim the good in each day and share that with someone. We also need laughter and joy. Read a funny book or watch an uplifting or joy filled movie.   

Ultimately remember God is bigger than COVID 19, He is bigger than a bad week or difficult people.  Hang in there and be our guest in Worship this morning.  God is always ready to Welcome you back home to Worship.