Emotions and feelings are a natural part of the human experience, Melissa.  In fact, as I'm sure you and our other readers know they are a part of everyday life.  But that doesn't mean these feelings have to control us.   

An emotional person is defined as "One easily affected with or stirred by emotion. One with a tendency to place too much value on emotion instead of reason."  Be honest with yourself in this area.  Do you like Melissa deal with this issue?  If so I'm very glad you are reading this article. This is your day for a breakthrough.

People with out of control negative emotions feel bad about themselves because they are caught on a hamster wheel called self fulfilling prophecy.   You are what you believe you are, what you think you are, what you focus on.

God created us to operate with a free will.  We choose what we will or won't do.  There is a God-given desire inside each believer to do the right thing.  Each Christian had the gift of Self-control if they desire to receive and cultivate it.  Self-control is a type of freedom. You're free not to be pushed around by your feelings.  You don't have to do what you feel like doing.  You are free to do what is wise. 

Self-control will help you feel better about yourself.  As God helps you manage your emotions you will have more energy, more zest for life, more get up and go! 

Emotional instability is exhausting and unhelpful for you and those around you.  Jeremiah 17:8 and Psalm 1:3 both instruct us to be like trees firmly planted. First Peter 5:8-9 encourages us to be well balanced and self- controlled.  Psalm 94:13 reads, "God wants to give us power to stay calm in adversity."  All of these Scriptures are referring to being stable.

You can erase toxic emotions by focusing on the positive things in your life.  Think about the good parts of your life and accentuate those.  I often tell people going through difficulties "Think about what you have left not what you have lost.

Then surround yourself with hope-filled, positive thinking, positive speaking friends.   You can't get out of toxicity while surrounded by negative, toxic people. 

Lastly and most importantly commit to attending a positive preaching, joy filled place of Worship like Epworth United Methodist Church.  Where you will hear each week a positive word of Hope from the Bible and where you will be surrounded by kind, uplifting people. 

Enjoying a positive lifestyle devoid of dark, toxic emotions is a choice.  You can make that quality decision today when you make emotional maturity a primary goal in your life.

You can do it.  I believe in you and God does too.