HAPPY EASTER Sunday everyone!

The Easter message tells us: “You need not be afraid of anything---not life with all its insecurities, its conflicts, its uncertainties; not afraid even of death itself.  You need have no fear---No fear!” I remember speaking at an Easter service at a park in Dayton, Ohio a few years ago. This particular morning clouds covered the skies and rain poured.  The service was covered by the Dayton Daily News so the next morning on the front page of the Metro Section the headline read, just above our photo, “Weather Dampened... but not Spirits.” I’ll always remember that title from a creative and inventive journalist who was able to capture the mood of the moment perfectly.  

In life we all experience situations that just seem impossible to overcome, don’t we? The door to whatever dream, goal, hope seems closed off forever. Have you ever felt that way? Do you have someone in your life who is going through a situation like this today? If so tell them the Great Good News of Easter! Jesus has Risen, He is Alive and He is ready and willing to elevate each of us from our tombs of doubt, despair, discouragement and failure. Accept that miracle in your life today... this is the perfect time and place to do so.  

When you think about it the problem of humankind’s salvation, the longing for forgiveness, the question of eternal life, was simply too big for us to solve. That issue required God to step onto the stage of human history and tie up all the loose ends, to give a knock- out blow to death, hell and the grave. The wonderful news of Easter is that is exactly what God did through Jesus Christ. Jesus did the impossible, He did what we could not do. He opened the door that leads all the way to God and Abundant life now and throughout eternity.    

Let Easter happen to you today. Wake up to a new you this morning... rise to a new level, try again, hope again, live again. When you do impossibilities will melt around you and the possible will become your daily experience.