*****Special Edition******

Co-authored by Mr. Gary Weinstein, Adjunct Faculty at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago, Illinois; Former CEO and President at the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas (1997-2011)

Hello Hadassah. Thank you for this poignant question that I wish no one ever had to ask. The most recent attack in Texas and elsewhere is unacceptable.  It must not be tolerated. Our Nation and World find ourselves at a crossroads, an inflection point between good and evil.  I’ve asked my friend, World-Renowned Jewish Leader, Gary Weinstein to help us with a response:

Houses of Worship are important as assemblies for community gatherings, learning, socialization and for public and private Worship. The threats and senseless attacks we’re seeing across our Country is an attack on all of our values. 

As an American Jew the rise of murder & terror in Synagogues are reflective of hate, intolerance, divisiveness and ignorance in our Country today. Anti-Seminitism is not a right- wing issue. It’s not a left-wing issue.  It’s a problem in and of itself.

As the World’s Democracy we must ensure safety and comfort for all faiths and Houses of Worship. Local, State and Federal Law enforcement must continue to provide help and security for this most fundamental American right which is Worship.

Ultimately, this is a heart issue.  The right to Worship should help us want to make the World a better place for everyone.  We can only really control ourselves but we can start today.  We can lift our voices and say enough is enough with violence, and lies and rudeness. We simply will not allow this evil to exist while we have an ounce of strength to fight back.  I’m honored to stand with Mr. Weinstein and other people of good will who choose to light a candle and make a difference.  May God Bless this valiant effort.