Hi Abigail thanks for this question.  Veteran’s Day is one of our most important holidays and has been celebrated in America for the last 102 years.  It began when fighting ceased between Allied Nations and Germany on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, November 11, 1918.  It was a year later that President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed the Holiday. 

But you and I both know we didn’t need Wilson’s reminder, nor any other official reason, to celebrate the brave men and women who serve our country.  Families, friends and fellow citizens have honored these intrepid Americans since the inception of our Nation.

For 7 years it was my honor to serve as the Chaplain for the Tony Orlando Salute to Veteran’s event in Branson, Missouri.  Branson holds the largest rally of this kind in America with more than 50,000 participants.   Mr. Orlando’s most famous song “Tie A Yellow Ribbon,” begins this way “I’m coming home I’ve done my time.”   We rejoice whenever a service member comes home safely, but we also know that happens all too seldom. Way too many of our fellow Americans are buried on some foreign battlefield under a row of white crosses. 

On Veterans Day we celebrate, remember and honor the service of each and every member of the American Armed Forces and the loved ones they represent.  

You are invited to join us for Veteran’s Day weekend Worship where we will do just that with uplifting music and my encouraging message “Freedom Isn’t Free.” 

Dr. Stephen Lowell Swisher