Dr. Swisher, I hear so many Preachers talking about money all the time except you.  What is the purpose of giving to the Church?  Sandra, South Toledo

Hello Sandra, thanks for your question.  If you’re like me and most of our fellow citizens you get at least 25-30 messages a day from various politicians asking for money.  You receive non stop messages from all types of online shops soliciting your business.  Any store you frequent, or occasionally shop in or simply mention allows social media metrics to identify and send offers your way.

Being asked for money or soliciting funds is not a rare or infrequent experience.  However, some people seem to balk when it comes to philanthropic giving or contributing to a Church or Ministry.

I don’t speak a lot about money because I rely on the dedication and personal commitment of those who attend my Church to give their best gift to God.  My father Dr. Lowell Swisher only gave one sermon a year about money.  I give a few more than that but only as a part of other important subjects.

The reason we give to the Church is to support the active ministry of Jesus Christ here at home and around the World.  To put this in context of importance in the Bible we find the word Love mentioned 714 times and the word give or giving mentioned 2,172 times.

The Bible reminds us “Give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly because God loves a cheerful giver.”  My favorite Bible verse on giving comes from Proverbs “A generous person will prosper. Anyone who refreshes others will be refreshed.”

There you have it Sandra. We give because we want to participate in Worship by tangibly making the World a better place. We also give to refresh and help others and in so doing find those same gifts coming our way.