Dr. Swisher, “What is the history of Labor Day and the Faith Community?”  Darren, Toledo  

Hello Darren.  Thank you for this intriguing question. I believe faith intertwines every area of life and the Labor of our fellow citizens in a great example of that concept.  

The Methodist Church has a long history of working to restore a sense of justice and balance to American work life particularly among industrial and agricultural laborers who have faced disparities of power, access and education.   

For more than 120 years Americans have struggled with issues such as seeking just wages, securing equal rights and pay scales for women and balancing time for family with the needs of supporting one.  

On the other hand we are told by social scientists and even the Bible that human beings often discover their worth through the creative, social and intellectual process that meaningful work affords.  

Work is good then not just because it helps us pay the bills, but because it helps us discover ourselves. The selves that God created and intended to make a positive difference through.  

Someone once said, “Work is more than a mere doing; it is, above all, a mission.  So tomorrow as we gather with family and friends may this Labor Day be exactly that...a mission.  A mission that brings new meaning to the opportunities before us.  And May our hearts be filled with gratitude to God for the work we have now and the possibilities that are just around the corner.