Dr. Swisher, What Does it mean to Have a Merry Christmas from a Christian perspective? Jenna, Toledo

Hi Jenna thank you for this question.  Christmas is the compilation of 2 words Christ and Mas.  The word is recorded as early as the year 1038 as Cristesmasse and Cristesmesse in 1131.

The two words listed above define the meaning and purpose of Christmas.  Christ is the purpose and focal point of this Holiday Celebration. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the first Century and ever since that miraculous event He has shaped human history.  Mas is an Old English word signifying a religious Worship service.

So every time you say Merry Christmas you are literally saying have a happy Worship service celebrating Jesus.  When we open our hearts to Christmas Faith, the joy of Christmas can become a part of our daily life.

I invite you to ask Jesus Christ into your heart and allow His love, joy, forgiveness and peace to renew and refresh you in this moment. Then plan to be our guest at any of Epworth UMC’s  5 Christmas Eve services. 

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