Thank you Jaqueline for the honest and probing question. 

Many people struggle with doubts about a number of issues....doubts in relationships, doubts in ability, doubts in faith. There is a difference between unbelief and doubt.

Unbelief is when people willfully choose not to believe. Doubt is when people have an intellectual or emotional barrier to a more solid faith. They want to believe they just need some help in the process. This is illustrated in Mark Chapter 9 when a man who is concerned about his sick child says to Jesus, “I want to believe help my unbelief.” The presence of doubt does not mean the absence of faith. What is important is what we do with that doubt.

Here are some helpful steps to take in moving beyond doubt and embracing faith:

1) Admit you have doubts and be specific about what they are and ask for God’s help.

2) Remember our faith is not based on how we feel but what we know.

3). Fill your mind with inspiring words from the Bible.  Reflect on God’s promises fulfilled in the life of Jesus.

4)   Intentionally change your thinking by focusing on the evidence for faith all around us.

The Bible reminds us “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17l. Be our guest this morning at Epworth United Methodist Church and join many others in this intrepid adventure of building Belief.

Dr. Stephen Lowell Swisher