Dr. Swisher, Is it possible to worship God with a smartphone?  Zoey, Sylvania

Hi Zoey. Thank you for this interesting and relevant question.

I often encorage the people in my Church to take out their cell phones in Worship and take photos or share status updates or even selfie's while in Church.   And why not?  We share almost every other thing on social media or through texting why not the most important thing we do?  That of course is to worship God and to Celebrate His love for us and our love for Him. 

As you can imagine, intrinsic in my answer above is a resounding Yes to your question.  Just as you might post a photo of your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, concert or play we should also enthusiastically share about our faith experience.  In doing so we are making our Church in general and our personal faith specifically an important part of public discourse.  

A recent poll by The Pew Research Center revealed  that 87% of adults use smartphones every day.  In addition 98% of adults own computers and 71% own tablets.  Why would any clear thinking believer shun the use of phones and other media devices in Church when so much of our culture can be reached there?  

While there are some challenges in connecting technology to our soul, it would be a head -in-the-sand approach for any place of Worship to insist on only using methods from the last century.  Thousands of people tune it to our Worship services and Discipleship classes each and every week.  We would never exclude by ignoring  the latest communication products.  

The ultimate good news is that the message of Jesus can travel through both paper bound books and glowing digital screens. You might even be surprised about the impact you are having on behalf of the Church by saying  to the community through every means available....We are here and you are Welcome.  

Be sure to join us in Church this weekend, Saturday @ 4:30pm and Sunday @ 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00am. Be sure to bring your smartphone, tablet or Ipad. We will be ready for you.