Dr. Swisher, I’ve really admired your involvement in the Community. Are you really speaking at the Rib Off?  Kayleigh, West Toledo

Hi Kayleigh. Thanks very much for your kind comment and observation. Yes, I really am speaking at the Northwest Ohio Rib Off on Sunday, August 1 at 11:00am. Everyone who attends this service will receive FREE All Day admission. It will be a great experience so be sure to invite friends and family.  

A funny thing happened the other day. An article in a regional news outlet mentioned me as doing a wedding in a hot air balloon. When we contacted them to say it wasn’t me the reporter responded “Well he does everything else we figured he did that too.” Although that particular event wasn’t on my schedule I am glad that at Epworth UMC we take seriously not just in reach within our Church but also outreach throughout our Community and the entire State.

The reason we do this is really simple. Jesus said to do so throughout the Bible. Most especially in Mark 28: 16-20 “Go and make disciples of all people, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And I will be with you always.” Another way to put it is this, “Go into all the World and announce God’s Good News to one and all. And God will help you."

Throughout history, God has always worked through entrepreneurial people and organizations that launched out In fresh ways to share His message of Hope, Faith and Love.  

God may be inviting you Kayleigh and others who read our weekly column to join in this exciting adventure.  Be our guest at Epworth United Methodist Church this morning and discover how God can use you beyond your imagination.


Join us at 11am on Sunday, August 1 for Worship LIVE at the Northwest Ohio Rib Off. FREE All Day Admission for everyone who attends. More info at epworth.com/rib off.