Dr. Swisher, I am a College student and am having trouble with some courses.  An adviser says I am following the wrong curriculum and should change.  I have not been able to choose a definite career or goal and I am discouraged.  Could you offer any suggestions?    Mikaela, Bowling Green, Ohio


Hi Mikaela.  Thanks for writing and asking this very important question.   I can tell you have put a lot of heart and thought into this topic and I’m glad to help.   My first impression and advice to you is this….Don’t get down on yourself and don’t write yourself off.   Your issue is simply that you haven’t “found yourself” yet.  Some students take their time in focusing on their main major.  In some cases this could take up to two years.  Once you have found your niche you won’t need anyone to tell you what to do…..you’ll run to your goal as surely as an Olympian crosses a finish line.


The good news is the Semester is just beginning.  Your job now is to get organized.  That is done by filtering through the noise around you and asking yourself, “What I am most excited about?”   Or “What gets me up in the morning?”   Or “What makes me the happiest and most pumped up about life?”   These significant questions will help you organize your thoughts and your classes as you navigate through the University process.   Keep in mind it doesn’t really matter what other people want you to do.   What matters most is what you want to do because when you discover that a whole new world of opportunity will materialize around you.


Also be sure to pray and practice faith until you become aware of the help of God.   God wants you to be blessed, fulfilled and successful so focus as much on the spiritual side of life as well as the academic.  Before long you’ll get the hang of it and things will go better….I promise.   I invite you and your College friends to join us in Worship each Sunday at Epworth United Methodist Church both in person or through our Broadcasts.  We have people who regularly drive from Bowling Green and other relatively long distances to be with us in person.  Guests at Epworth UMC find wonderful new friends and hope-filled, dynamic messages that directly apply to life today.  We like to put it this way: “At Epworth you find Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow and a Place to call Home.”   Find all the details at epworth.com.


One more thing, be patient with yourself Mikaela but keep at it.   I will be glad to send you completely free of charge my new pocket sized self-improvement resource entitled “Living Successfully With Positive Faith.”   Just send us a note at [email protected] and request it.   May God continue to Bless you and all of our faithful readers as together we embrace the wonderful possibilities our life with God and each other has to offer.