Dr. Swisher, How does Palm Sunday relate to Believing in ourselves today?  Courtney/Pemberville, Ohio

Hello Courtney.  Thank you for this question especially because the day you are referring to is today.  On this special day Christians here at home and all around the world are celebrating Palm Sunday and the dawn of Holy Week 2021.

On this important day in Christian history we commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  History tells us he was met by cheering crowds waving palm branches in the air and proclaiming “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.  Hosanna in the highest.”

Jesus believed in Himself and the task He was called to fulfill. He also believed in the possibilities and potential intrinsic to every believer.  That includes you Courtney.

Today we remember not just Jesus ‘ entry into the Holy City of the past, but also His entry into our future. Jesus is alive and well today and is waiting to be invited into our hearts and lives. 

When I think about believing in ourselves my mind goes to Florence Foster Jenkins. She was a New York socialite of the last Century who wanted to sing so desperately but she couldn’t carry a  tune in a bucket. However that did not discourage her from trying.  She recorded albums and performed in venues throughout New York including Carnegie Hall.

At the end of her life she said “People can say I couldn’t sing, but they will never be able to say I didn’t sing.”

That is the key to Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter.  The cross is the biggest Plus sign in history.  That means becoming a Christian is a value added experience.

Ultimately Palm Sunday reminds us to believe in the God who believes in us.

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