Hi Mercedes.  Thank you for writing and asking this incredibly important question.  

This week we inaugurated a new President and Vice-President in our Nation while our Capitol looked like a 3rd World Country. Our National Mall and Capitol grounds surrounded by soldiers with M-16s and riot gear.  Our own State deployed over 700 National Guard troops to aid in the effort of keeping our elected representatives safe.

The Bible speaks about violence and how to overcome it in almost every Book of the Old and New Testaments. It won’t surprise you to know that Jesus is described as the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, and the Author of Light. In practical terms that means that His Kingdom on earth should bring peace in the midst of violence, hope in the midst of despair and light in the midst of darkness. But we need to download, and then implement, these truths for them to be operative.

We read these significant words in the Bible’s first book Genesis 4:7; “Do what is right and you will find acceptance.  But if you do what is wrong, then watch out.  Sin is crouching at your door eager to control you.  You must overcome it.”  Too many times people go through life from one crises to the next never taking control of their thoughts, emotions or actions.  That becomes a huge problem as violence always ensues. 

In addition, Proverbs 3:29 instructs believers; “Do not plot harm against your neighbor.”  If we would take to heart the truth behind these Scriptures, and put feet to our faith and reality to our Religion, we would take a huge step in quelling the violence and unrest plaguing our Country today.  I know you join me and your friends at Epworth United Methodist Church in this important effort.