Dr. Swisher, How Can We Have a Good New Year? Mario, South Toledo

Hi Mario. Thanks for writing about this important and relevant topic. It’s not too early to start thinking about how 2022 can be better than 2021.  This is the time of year people start making resolutions to change or improve or elevate certain areas of life.

New Year’s resolutions range from simple desires to intricate strategies for extensive life change. What we all have in common is the hope that something will change and life will be different and better in the year ahead.

As Christians, when we desire change, we have the perfect example to follow....Jesus Christ.  When we are ready to implement change we have the perfect guidebook...the Bible. Further, when we are ready to take the first step into our new reality we have the perfect companion to strengthen our resolve...the Holy Spirit.

With Christ we don’t have to wait for a New Year to roll around, or for the glittery ball to descend in Times Square.  The Bible reminds us, “God’s mercy is new every morning.  We can pursue and embrace our new beginning right now.

Here is a great acronym I offer you and our readers:  FREE
F......Follow God each new day
R....Read the promises of hope found in the Bible
E....Eagerly Pray for God to show you His plan
E....Enjoy the journey.  Life is too short. Be happy and make the most of each moment

Do these things Mario and you will have the best New Year yet.  In the meantime join us for Church this morning.  Find the details at epworth.com.